We Need A Vision for A Healthier, More Inclusive, & Successful Albuquerque

We Need New Leadership in Our City Council, Because the Current Leadership Doesn’t Believe in Us and Doesn’t Care to Listen to Our Communities. 

We Need Leadership That Has A Vision for Our City, and Compassion for Our Communities. 

Leadership that understands how to address systemic issues with real solutions.

Leadership that can bring us together so that Albuquerque becomes a city where every person can be successful.

Leadership that fights for the opportunities we deserve and brings Albuquerque to the Top of the List.

Learn About Robert Blanquera Nelson's Blueprint for Restorative Change in ABQ

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“I’m running because we need to re-define what it means to be a City Councilor.”

–Robert Nelson

Albuquerque is suffering from systemic issues that act like a revolving door. Homelessness, Crime, Poverty and other issuess continue to get worse and for decades, we haven’t seen any real progress.

This is why we need change across the board. That means new people in leadership
with new perspectives

Our community can’t afford to wait: We’ve got to Vote this November!

Our community has a chance to change things for the better, and everyone in our community, from working families to business owners, can’t afford to wait through another 4 years of being ignored and exculded from the decisions that affect all of us.

Countdown to a Chance for New Leadership: NOV 5th