Hear What the Community is saying about Robert

“I support Robert for being a caring person who respects and understands what it is to provide for the poor, the powerless, and marginalized. He will stand up to for the most vulnerable communities to make sure we live in a healthy, safe and clean environment.” 
–Esther Abeyta
San Jose Community Activist

“Our community needs new people with new ideas. As a business owner who has struggled through bad decisions of City Hall, I will only support new, compassionate, and dedicated people to lead our community in city hall.”

–Bianca Encinias 
Business Owner, El Chante: Casa De Cultura

Wells Park Neighborhood



“As a long-time community organizer and political activist, I am supporting Robert for his dedication to the most vulnerable in our community and his commitment to ensuring that all our voices are heard as we work together to create a safe and healthy city where children and families can thrive.”

–Nancy Montaño 
Field Director, Robert Nelson for City Council & District 2 Resident

“Robert is truly the change we need in City Hall. He understands how to deal with systemic issues and cares about the community enough to fight for real solutions.”

–Giovanni Alexander Haqani
Fmr. U.S. Senate Candidate

Martinez Town Neighborhood



“I’m supporting Robert because I believe he has a vision to make our city a place where everyone can truly succeed.”

–Sonny Christopher Haquani 
Business Owner & Political Activist

Martinez Town Neighborhood  

“Thank you for coming out here and walking our Precinct! It feels like we are forgotten and it’s good to see you talking to us about what matter!.”

–Martín Gutierrez
Los Duranes Community Member