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Dear Neighbor,

I am a Filipino immigrant with over 10 years experience working in the local nonprofit sector and a neighborhood leader in Downtown Albuquerque.  I am active in neighborhood activities and organize with the Historic Neighborhoods Alliance. Through Heading Home, I have helped transition the most vulnerable homeless to permanent housing.  Currently, I have raised over $9.1M for local nonprofits through my work through The Grants Collective. With this experience, I will be an asset for Albuquerque City Council.

Today, I am running for Albuquerque City Council District 2.  As our City Councilor, I will build a healthy and equitable city by:

  • Strengthening our community’s voice in city projects and community-driven economic development
  • Making homelessness rare, short-lived and nonrecurring through housing first policy and living wage increases
  • Addressing deeper issues of substance abuse and mental health through increased prevention and social services

We need to address the deepest social inequities at their root and envision a new future for our families.  I invite you to join us in that vision. We are running a grassroots, publicly financed campaign. I believe public financing is the way to keep elections centered on our community and keep outside dollars and influence from our election.  

I am honored to earn your support on November 5, 2019.

Robert Blanquera Nelson
Progressive Democrat, Albuquerque City Council District 2

Robert Blanquera Nelson for Albuquerque City Council